From the iconic Malvern Hills to a rich mosaic of woodlands, meadows and streams; from the Wyre Forest heaths in the north to the Severn and Avon vales in the south, Worcestershire has some fantastic habitats containing a stunning diversity of wildlife.

Our sites are no different with a high species diversity compromising of 125 plant species and 18 bird species recorded that include three Giant Redwood trees and Green Woodpecker.

Both sites contain a stock of trees, which displays a considerable range of ages, species, condition and size. This range makes a significant contribution to the character of each of the defined areas. Significant features include:

  • The dominance of coniferous and evergreen species in the Original Cemetery
  • Historic tree-lined avenues (Prunus spp. At St Johns & Fagus spp. At Astwood)
  • Veteran Black Pear specimens at the Cemetery Extension, remnants of the land’s former use as an orchard
  • Significant Populus, Pinus and Fagus spp. In the original Cemetery

In spring 2021 we are proud to announce that in partnership with Worcester Beekeepers. We are introducing three apiary’s into our Natural Burial area to further promote wildflower growth and general pollination across the site. Alongside this, the service reseeded the area in late 2020.

In 2020 the service cleared the brook that flows through the Garden of Rest and added solar lights to it providing a clean stream for the promotion of wildlife.

Visit the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust website for further insight.

Giant Redwood