When a loved one passes away it often nice to select a memorial as a lasting memory of them. Our memorial options for families to remember their loved ones are located across both the Astwood site and to a lesser extent the St Johns site and offer an eclectic wide range of choices to meet the needs of our clients.  All memorial come with some form of inscription which will either be an additional cost or for our newer items included in the price.

Starting inside the Crematorium at Astwood you can choose between:

Bronze internal Wall plaques or an addition to our remembrance books located in a quiet room at the back of the crematorium offering serene views across the Gardens.

Book of Remebrance
indoor Plaques

As you exit the building down the ramp you can choose to wall-mounted external granite or bronze plaque on curved remembrance wall.

Granite Plaque
Bronze Plaque

In the same area when looking right across the gardens you can choose from a range of other memorial options that can be selected and located in any area across the entire site that we can find a suitable location for.

If you have chosen to place your loved one’s ashes in the gardens you can choose between single or double granite curb sets, a new granite marker stone (Ailsa Craig boulder) or why not choose a bench in either traditional wood, or granite (Barbican bench with 2 x recesses).

Double Kerb Set
New granite marker stone (Ailsa Craig boulder)
Wooden Bench
Granite Bench

A new addition to our site is our Above ground ashes storage units (Single Sanctum 2000). Made in beautiful blue granite it has the additional flexibility that many families are looking for in that they can access the ashes easily if they choose to move away from the area and want to relocate their loved nearer their new home.

For those looking for something less traditional we have in 2021 introduced 4 new memorial options; our granite bird bath (Barbican birdbath (black granite), our Granite Mushroom (with space for 4 inscriptions), our Granite Rockery Boulder and our Double Heart memorial in black granite.

Bird Bath
Double Heart

Living memorials

Another great option is to purchase either a memorial shrub or memorial tree of your choice. We will help you choose the best options dependant on the location you choose to place the plant. With either a shrub or tree you can choose between either a granite or bronze spiked plaque.

Memorial Shrubb
Memorial Tree

We are excited to announce the addition of a new family memorial option at Astwood cemetery. The New memorial tree is situated opposite the main crematorium office in a prominent position for public accessibility.

The bespoke steel tree stands at 3.2 metres high and 3 metres wide and has been designed to be left to oxidise into a warm autumnal range of colours. The memorial leaves themselves are made of gold-coloured anodised aluminium that can be engraved on both sides.

Memorial Leaf
Memorial Leaf
Memorial Tree