Following a cremation, a variable amount of metals will be retrieved from the cremator. This is usually metal left from the manufacture of the coffin – nails, screws and staples etc. – but may also contain metal used in orthopaedic implants such as hip and knee replacements. Traditionally these metals would have been buried in the grounds of the crematorium, but in recent years the guidelines were changed to allow the metals to be recycled. This not only provides a far greater benefit to the environment but also allows us the opportuntiy to raise money for local charities. Now, the majority of all UK crematoria are currently recycling metals.

We work with the ICCM metal recycling scheme.

Our ‘Application for Cremation’ form will advise families that we will be recycling the metal retrieved following their loved ones cremation and they have the option to opt-out of the scheme if they wish. They will be responsible for collecting the metals from the crematorium. However, the vast majority of families choose to join this worthwhile and beneficial scheme.

We donate this money once a year and we put details of the recipients on our website and the local press will usually publish the story to enable families to learn about the good causes that have benefitted from the recycling scheme.

Charities we have supported in the past:

  • 2019
  • 2018 – Footsteps £8,000
  • 2017
  • 2016  Dementia UK
  • 2015

One of the many charities we work with is Stevie Stone. This charity are here to support families and assist them in getting a memorial on their childs grave. They noticed that not all childrens graves by there daughters had a memorial on it, they started up the charity in 2021 to raise money and help families get memorials for their children. To this date they have now fully completed a memorial for a family at Astwood cemetery and are pushing to take the charity even further than just Worcester. We are supporting their work and if you need assistance trying to afford a memorial for your child, please talk to us or contact Stevie Stone on their website

We understand the devastation when a child dies. Financial
worries about the funeral add unexpected and additional stress.
The government’s Children’s Funeral Fund covers the costs of
cremation, burial and contributes £300 to the cost of a coffin. You
can request this through your funeral director. Details are at
At the Child Funeral Charity, we know there are many other costs
associated with a funeral and we will help wherever we can. We help
bereaved families in England and Wales and when the child who has
died was 16 or under. We can consider help for babies who have died
under 24 weeks of pregnancy. The Children’s Funeral Fund does not cover
pre-24 weeks.
The charity was established in 2014 by professionals working in the
funeral industry and has been helping bereaved families ever since.
We can either pay the funeral director for certain items or obtain items
such as flowers and orders of ceremony from our own suppliers.
Referrals should be submitted by funeral directors or other