When you are planning a funeral, there are generally two options – a traditional burial in a cemetery or cremation.  Both options have their pros and cons, especially for anyone concerned about the impact on the environment.  However, there is a third option that is growing in popularity – a natural burial, also known as an eco-burial. A natural burial involves being buried in a natural location as opposed to a traditional cemetery.  This means you can have a woodland burial amid the trees or be buried in a meadow site, even somewhere that animals graze.

Our natural burial area occupies 0.3 Ha and is adjoins the original cemetery grounds, separated by a beech hedge and timber gate. It is bounded on 2 sides by the cemetery and on the other 2 by domestic gardens.

It is managed using specialist techniques that will promote wildflower growth across the whole site and with the introduction of own beehives in 2021 we will soon see an even more diverse range of flora develop.

The only marker option open to families in this area are flush memorial steppingstones located exclusively within the close mown circuit path

We are a member of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds where are all sites are bound by a Code of Conduct, aimed at ensuring the highest professional and environmental standards.

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Natural Burial Site