Twelve people are buried in section 38 which lies just inside the old cemetery boundary towards the western edge. This site is no longer used but new signage and landscaping will provide a lasting memorial to the people buried there and the signage will also connect up Section 38 with the new Muslim burial area located in  Section 51 to make sure there is a positive connection between the two locations.

Within the cemetery extension on the western part of the site lies section 51 which is our new Muslim burial area. Separated by hard standing tarmac paths which are lined with deciduous hedgerows the site offers space for 70 graves all to be lined with specialist prefabricated liners in accordance with the Muslim faith’s requirements along with all graves being set perpendicular to the direction of the Qibla. The service will make sure there are always two graves set up ready to make sure our communities can bury their loved ones in accordance with their wishes.

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Muslim Burial Area