Garden of Tranquility (Above ground ashes)

Garden of Tranquility (Above ground ashes)


Our brand new garden of Tranquility for above ground ashes.

Place your loved one to rest in these beautiful vaults and have an inscription to remember them.

Once finished the area will have 4 benches on which you can sit and reflect in the peaceful surrounding.

See full description and information below.

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Welcome to our new above ground ashes memorial garden, a lovely area to have your loved ones placed inside a choice of two memorials.

This offers different options if you are unsure what to do, they can be used as a temporary storage until you make a final decision on where to place your loved one, or as a final resting place for them.

The Sanctums can fit up to 2 sets of cremated remains and are securley locked inside the vault with tamper proof screws, The Panorama will hold up to 3 sets of cremated remains. All ashes will be placed in a seal polyurn to protect the ashes from the elements.

The tablet on the front of either unit can be inscribed and include a photo or simple design if you wished to add one. Each tablet comes with a basic inscription of up to 80 characters but additional inscriptions can be added for multiple people or if you wanted to increase the amount inscribed on the intial order.

Corner units are also available, these still only hold 2 sets of cremated remains, but gives you the added room of a second tablet to have inscribed, so if you after more room to have a longer inscription, this may be the option for you.

These units are on a 10 year lease, which can be extended at any time and multiple vaults may be purchased, but we cannot garantee they will be side by side unless these are purchased at the same time. IF YOU WISH TO ADD EXTRA YEARS WITH YOUR INITIAL PURCHASE PLEASE ADD THIS TO YOUR BASKET AT TIME OF PURCHASE.

If you end the lease on the memorial, the tablet will be removed and you can keep this if you wish, but the lease of the unit will not be renewed and will be free for a new lease to someone else.

Please note this area is still ongoing and improvements are constantly being made, 4 benches will be fitted for people to sit and reflect on and more sanctums will be fitted until the area is full, once full this area will hold 174 sanctums and the Pamomera has 32 units available for lease.

Memorials not renewed at the end of the lease, ashes will be removed after the notice period and placed into storage at the crematorium for you to collect. If the ashes are not collected within 6 months of your final reminder, they will be placed in the garden of remembrance.


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