• Wall Plaques

    Wall plaques with inscription in either Bronze or Granite.
  • Granite Kerb Plaques

    These are an attractive way to commemorate a loved one in the garden of remembrance, where the kerb plaques line the oval pathways.
  • Memorial Benches

    Memorial benches are purchased and can be positioned in several locations around Astwood and St. John's cemeteries. We offer both Wooden and Recycled plastic.
  • The memorial leaves are made of gold-coloured anodised aluminium that can be engraved on both sides. Upon purchasing this memorial you will be sent a guidebox to complete your inscription.
  • The Sanctum 2000 is an above ground vault, large enough to securely accept two standard sized caskets. Please see the table below for a full breakdown of your options on this beautiful memorial.
  • Barbican bench with Tablets

    Barbican Benches are manufactured in polished granite making them virtually maintenance free. With up to 3 recesses cut out to allow a granite tablets with inscription for you loved ones.
  • Barbican birdbath in black granite

    The Barbican birdbath is a simple yet stylish design. You can add an inscription on up to all four side at an additional cost please select how many inscriptions you wish to add in your basket.
  • Ailsa Craig boulder

    Rustic boulder in a choice of coloured granites. As Standard this includes the Boulder, up to 116 Characters (including spaces), and a 10 year lease. We also offer this with a simple design, such as the rose shown on the image with up to 78 characters (including spaces) and the 10 year lease.
  • Granite Mushroom 4 disc

    Ideal family or children’s memorial for woodland or garden settings.
  • Individual granite memorial that can be placed in the Garden of Remembrance, These include inscription up to 80 characters (including spaces) and a simple desgin with a 10 year lease. See Description for more information and available options.
  • A black granite joined double heart garden memorial. Beautiful intertwined heart memorial with a simple inscription up to a double inscription and design. See description for further information.
  • Our new wall mounted memorial tree offers a simple leaf designed memorial, for you to honour your loved one. A simple inscription of their name and date of death will hang elegantly from our tree.
  • This memorial is a beautiful and personal option to remember your loved one with a simple letter embedded with wild flower seeds that is posted into our elegant Granite beehive.
  • Our brand new garden of Tranquility for above ground ashes. Place your loved one to rest in these beautiful vaults and have an inscription to remember them. Once finished the area will have 4 benches on which you can sit and reflect in the peaceful surrounding. See full description and information below.
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